Success Stories of Non-ABM Accountancy Graduates




Non-ABM, Accountancy, CPA Preparation, Narrative Inquiry, College Program


The study aimed to explore the experiences and journeys of non-ABM students who pursued a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy program and eventually became successful Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Following Polkinghorne's (1998) Narrative Mode of Analysis, a qualitative narrative inquiry approach was employed. Three participants were purposively selected based on the criteria of being non-ABM senior high school graduates, having completed a BS Accountancy program, and currently holding a CPA license. Data were collected through in-depth, semi-structured face-to-face and phone interviews. The interviews explored the participants' motivations for choosing the accountancy program, their college experiences, challenges faced, preparations for the CPA licensure examination, and insights gained throughout their journeys. The study revealed that while the participants initially struggled due to a lack of background knowledge in accounting, they eventually adapted and succeeded through determination, hard work, and perseverance. The findings highlight the importance of passion, commitment, and proper guidance in achieving academic and professional goals, even when facing challenges stemming from misalignment between pre-university education and chosen career paths.


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Magadan, C. S., General, L. A., Negrido, T. Y., & Sumicad Jr., E. H. (2024). Success Stories of Non-ABM Accountancy Graduates. Revista Catarinense Da Ciência Contábil, 23, e3456.